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Remote Handling

"Remote handling is the synergistic combination of technology and engineering management systems to enable operators to safely, reliably and repeatedly perform manipulation of items without being in personal contact with those items."

Remote handling, or teleoperation, has a long development history over the past decades. The dexterous master-slave manipulators were known for long time as the key tool of remote handling.
In the developing and future fusion plants the remote handling equipment compose a more complex system including also remotely operated cranes, heavy duty transporters and purpose built special robots.
The design of plant systems and components that need remote maintenance shall meet the remote handling compatibility requirements. 

FUZIOTECH was provided remote handling engineering support for ITER Organization. It contained the specification of a transfer cask dedicated to cryopumps and several assessments on heavy component handling inside the hot cell. 

The following figures show results of recent tasks made for the DEMO Oriented Neutron Source project through a contract with Wigner institute.

Telescopic mast crane concept

End-of-arm leak detection tool concept 

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