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Device Development

FUZIOTECH is capable to provide turnkey solutions of one of a kind devices. In the last decade a reach selection of manufacturing partners have been collected.  

Manufacturing supervison and other procurement services are available, such as:
  - prototype making,
  - custom made component manufacturing,
  - application of special technologies.

Device testing, assembly and commissioning services according to customer needs:
  - acceptance, functional and laboratory tests,
  - out-of-pile assembly, 
  - on-site commissioning.

Case studies:

Update of AXUV Bolometer Cameras, TCV Tokamak, Switzerland
Engineering design by EURATOM/HAS KFKI RMKI.
Manufacturing, testing, assembling, installation by FUZIOTECH.

The three stages of the shutter covering the pinholes are shown both in CAD and in reality.

To avoid further contamination of the in-vessel AXUV camera sensors exposed to the plasma and therefore to improve the efficiency of the TCV tokamak bolometer diagnostics, shutter systems have been installed to them. 

The modification involved challenges such as drilling and installing a pipe housing the actuator of the rotary shutter through the cooling chamber, electron beam welding of small wall thicknesses, machining high precision pinholes applying spark erosion technique, manufacturing of special materials (e.g. NINOMIC, INCONEL, etc.) and applying special highly non-reflecting coatings.

One AXUV camera with the shutter system installed (left), Custom made NIMONIC spring (right top), baking test (right bottom)

Beam Emission Spectroscopy (BES) Ex-Vessel Optics (EVO), MAST, UK

Being part of the BES system developed and installed to the MAST tokamak, the design, manufacturing, testing and installation of the EVO part was the responsibility of Fuziotech Ltd. 

BES Ex-Vessel Optics system CAD model 

 After the preparation of several conceptual designs - in close consultations with physicists and optical engineers - the final engineering design was reached comprising of high precision actuations and rotations of the optical elements as required by the specification.

BES Ex-vessel optics system assembled for test

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